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Are you tired of getting ‘UNWANTED’ notifications on Facebook™?

Written on January 20, 2015

Hi my friends…Robert here,

I wanted to do this quick video to show you something here on Facebook. A quick Facebook tip that I’d like to share. Are you just tired of actually getting all the notifications on your Facebook for useless groups that you maybe a part of a spammy group (so to say)?

Well, I’m gonna show you a way (in the video above) that you can easily stop those notifications. Because truth is, notifications here on top right where we get them are sort of like important messages or at least we would like it to be that. Like if you post a status and someone comments on it or they like your status, you would like to know what’s going on with your activity.

You know if you have Facebook on your phone you know that it would either vibrate or it will ring, it would let you know that you have notification. And it just gets annoying when it’s not important or it’s not useful, or it’s part of a group that is spammy and all they’re doing is posting in their day in and day out, and you know every 5 minutes. So, with that being said, I want to show you a manual way that you can do it, you can actually stop the notifications from those groups.

So, what you gonna do is on the top right corner of your profile, of your Facebook account, you gonna click on the down arrow here, and you gonna go to “settings”. Okay, once you’re on “settings”, what you gonna do is you gonna go to notifications here on the left side. Now, when you click on notifications my friend, you gonna go to where it says “group activity” your gonna click on “edit” on the right side that. And once you do that, Facebook is gonna give you a list of all the groups that you’re a part of. So you gonna click on “show more” and it will show you all the groups that you’re a part of. What you’re gonna do, some of you may have a long list here, this is actually a newer profile of mine, so that’s why there’s only a few, mainly my products so on and so fort, and a few other groups.

Point is, is you’re gonna have a list of all the groups that you’re a part of here, now what you want to do is for the groups that you do not want to receive notifications from that you’re a part of, you just want to click on the right side, over here, where it has down arrow, and instead of ‘friend’s post’ or ‘all post’, you can click on ‘off’. Now, once you’ve clicked on off, you’re no longer gonna receive notifications from that group.

You can always check that group, your always you know part of that group still, this is not you know, taking you out of that group in case you want to post something in there. All it’s simply doing is turning off those annoying notifications that you may not want to be alerted by. Now, of course that group that you do want to receive notifications, you have the option also to click on ‘all post’ if you want to every single post that is inserted or posted in that group, you would select ‘all post’.

If you only want post that are your friends, you know for you to be notified of that, then you would click on ‘friend’s post’. Folks, I hope that was helpful. Quick little Facebook tip for you to make your notifications and your business more effective, save you sometime from checking notifications that really are waste of time, and waste of space. Specially you know this if you’re part of you know, some group that are spammy and there really is no value or content in there. also you’ll notice that with a long list of that group you have, and maybe a little time consuming to go through each one and select off on each of them, what I’m doing is, I’m putting a together product to help you do this a lot easier, and automate the process so to say. So, stay tuned for that.

I hope this was helpful and valuable, and please share this video if you feel someone else can get value from this.

My friend, I appreciate you, please like and share this post.

Robert Mercado
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