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3 Ways To Effectively Engage Your List!

Written on October 2, 2015

Hey my friend…Robert here, If you’ve been on my list or following my blog posts for a while, then you know I love to provide value. Well guess what? That right there is one of the best ways to get your list to engage! Provide value to them. They will appreciate it so much, trust me… Because here’s the truth: Your subscribers get tons […]

Need Upfront Money For Your Business? Well if so, and you use Paypal™, this video is for you!

Written on May 1, 2015

  Watch Video,Then Click here To Apply for FREE! Here’s is just one example of someone that read this information and simply applied, and he was approved for $20k right into his Paypal™ account in minutes. One suggestion on how to maximize the usage of the funds (if approved) is through Marketing and Advertising. This […]

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How Your Friends List Affect the Growth of Your Business

Written on April 25, 2015

Hi everyone! Robert here. I am very excited to share to you a really cool piece of information that will totally change how you market on Facebook. Let me ask you a question: How many of you use Facebook as a vehicle to expand your business? If you are reading this blog, I am pretty sure […]

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This Free Book Could Be Worth a Million Dollars To You…

Written on April 18, 2015

Hey my friends…Robert here, This is a book that has changed many peoples lives forever. I want to give you this book because I believe education, training and getting in the right mindset is crucially important when starting your own business. More than likely, you’ve heard of this book and you may have even read it. It is responsible for creating hundreds […]

Not able to post your JVZoo Affiliate links or any other links on Facebook?

Written on April 3, 2015

Watch the video for the solution, then click here. Keep in mind that some of you may be thinking, why not just use or google url shortener and the reason is because even when those are accepted to post on Facebook™, when your prospects click on it…it will bring them to a warning page before […]

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Top Three Tips in Overcoming Fears

Written on February 8, 2015

Hey my friends, Robert here… A few days ago, I posted a video blog that I made about overcoming fears. Below is the transcription of that video.  I hope you find the top tips useful in overcoming your fears. I Just wanted to do a quick video with today’s topic “Overcoming fear’. I’m gonna talk about 3 […]

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This is how you can prevent customer disputes with Paypal!

Written on February 4, 2015

Hey my friend…Robert here, Are you currently selling items through Paypal? If so, you’re bound to receive disputes no matter how great your service/products are. Whether it’s because the customer didn’t receive access to your product, or the transaction may be a recurring payment that they don’t recall and just need some clarification, or many […]

Are you tired of getting ‘UNWANTED’ notifications on Facebook™?

Written on January 20, 2015

Hi my friends…Robert here, I wanted to do this quick video to show you something here on Facebook. A quick Facebook tip that I’d like to share. Are you just tired of actually getting all the notifications on your Facebook for useless groups that you maybe a part of a spammy group (so to say)? […]

Is Your Spouse/Partner Not Being Supportive? Here’s why AND how to fix that…

Written on January 7, 2015

Here is a subject that many of us face in the entrepreneurial world. “My spouse/partner is not supportive of me working from home or doing this ‘online thing’”. Here is what I have to say about this (3-min read): It’s not that your spouse is not supportive, it’s simply a fact of them not understanding […]

Marketing tip to help you sell more!

Written on January 3, 2015

Are you having a mental block about charging others for your products or services? Well, you’re not alone…I did at one point as well for a very short time. Here’s what helped me to overcome that FAST (thx to a few mentors of mine): Think of charging someone more like a portal. A portal that […]

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