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How I Made $252,656 My First Year Online

Written on November 22, 2014

A little under 2 years ago, I was working at a diner 12 hour days,
six to seven days a week. I was raised without my father, and was
in tens of thousands of dollars in debt by the age of 21. My current living conditions were inside of a 15 x 15 basement under a restaurant and I was working just to make ends meat. One day, I came home from a long day of work to a letter on the door that read “Robert, it’s going on 3 months now. I cannot wait any have to leave.”

Yup, I got evicted and was homeless for a very short period of time. I continued to work at the diner and one day, there was a delivery across the street. I knocked on the door when arriving there and saw the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.

I Handed her the food she ordered and said “God Bless You” in a very professional calm tone. Those 3 words must have stuck with her because the next morning she came to the diner for coffee and we were unexpectedly introduced by the hostess Peggy. “Oh you’re such a nice girl, and Robert is such a nice boy”…”You two ought to get to know each other”.

Less than a year later, Alley and I got married 😉

2014-06-18 16.19.58During that short period of not having a place to live, Alley was truly a Godsend and so I stayed with her. While she went out to work, I searched and looked for something that I can do online.

Once I found out about the home business profession and working online, our lives have changed so much and we’ve never looked back.

I actually get goosebumps while writing this.

I’ve earned over $250k my first year working online. Alley and I both work from home where we recently moved to the Sunshine State, Florida in a 3000 sq ft home that we absolutely love. We travel the world every 3-4 months on vacation, and living everyday on our agenda, and not someone else’s.

I’ve spoken on stages to audiences upwards to 6000 people, have publicly received awards on stages, and have connected with many incredible people.

I’m looking to share this with the world to show them what’s possible in such a short amount of time. How anyones life can totally transform with knowing a way to make it happen in the Home Based Business Profession.

Thank you for reading! Leave your feedback and/or any questions you may have below.

I appreciate you,

Robert Mercado

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2 thoughts on “How I Made $252,656 My First Year Online”

  • Hi Robert, I read your whole article on how you made $252,656 in your first year online and found that you omitted to write about HOW you did it. Was it by speaking to audiences?

  • Hi Robert,

    Big congratulations on the success of you and your wife, Alley.

    I am also curious about “how” you did it. Do you ever share it anywhere?

    I am in the sunset of my life, I’ve been ill and disabled, doing better now, but I need some money… immediately!! (I am one of those folks with a retirement income that is all but laughable if it weren’t so sad!)

    I am affiliated with, or have been affiliated with some of the best companies in the world. But, I also know marketing. Free advertising only goes so far; word of mouth is great, but one has to be out there, and talking almost incessantly… I am aware of social marketing, and some folks do it well. Not making excuses, but when there is only one bread winner and the bread is short, it is difficult for one to mount an advertising campaign alone… when the money is running out, do you buy food or buy advertising?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to getting some help from you. I live in a very poor community in Washington, DC, and my “community activism” will include sharing business ownership, online advertising and such… teaching folks to turn their “smart phones” into “intelligent phones.” LOL I’ve been observing my 10 y/o grandson on InstaGram… he’s constantly making videos, and my 11 y/o granddaughter is great with making PowerPoint presentations. I will see what we can work out.

    I am planning some meetings at the local library, and I am preparing a two-sided handout that will include a glossary of terms for them to take home. I can print that out at home (until my cartridge runs out). The booklet I am preparing will be for sale when it is ready… can’t give away everything!! 🙂

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