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How Your Friends List Affect the Growth of Your Business

Written on April 25, 2015

Hi everyone! Robert here. I am very excited to share to you a really cool piece of information that will totally change how you market on Facebook.

Let me ask you a question: How many of you use Facebook as a vehicle to expand your business?

If you are reading this blog, I am pretty sure that you are one of them. I am also sure that you are eager to know how to maximize Facebook as your marketing engine to grow your network and your business.

Let’s start with your Friends list. We add friends for 2 main reasons. First is that we add friends because we know that engaging with them brings more attention to our business. Second, we add friends because we want other people to associate more positive emotions with our brands. The more engagement we get from our friends, means more interest is being generated for our business, and this ultimately results to more sales. Who wouldn’t want that?

Does this mean that the more friends I have on Facebook,  the more sales I will generate for my business? That is not true. While there’s nothing wrong with accepting 99% of friend requests, you will actually end up with a big problem: you get friends on your list who never like or comment on your posts, which means a lower engagement. The key word here my friend is ENGAGEMENT.

You see, having posts that don’t get likes or comments hurts your social currency on Facebook. This means that Facebook will not show your items on the newsfeed as much. This, my friend, is like death to your business. This is what we call as the negative feedback loop.

As a marketer on Facebook, we want to be on the positive feedback loop. This means that if more friends like or comment on your posts, this increases your social currency on Facebook, which increases the likelihood of your posts getting published on the newsfeeds.

The reality is that while we want to accept all friend requests we get, Facebook limits a person to only have a maximum of 5,000 friends. Imagine if out of those 5,000 only 2,000 of them are actually engaged, what will happen to your business? So now, what do you do with friends who do not engage on your posts and just send spammy messages? What do you do with friends that have fake profiles?

The answer is simple – you need to sweep out all the non-engaged friends so that you have the room to accept friends who will actually engage on your posts. There are 6 main reasons on why you should be cleaning your friends list now.

  1. Limited Friend Space. A Facebook user can only have a maximum of 5000 friends. As a marketer, you all know how easy it is to fill up that space. You want to make sure that you fill up your space with people who are engaged with you.
  2. Fake Profiles are Everywhere. There are about 83 million fake profiles on Facebook. It is highly likely that you have some fake friends on your friend list right now. It is also highly likely that that the people behind these fake profiles will not engage with you or on your business.
  3. Less Facebook Exposure and Engagement. As I mentioned earlier, putting your business in a negative feedback loop cripples the growth of your business.Having non-engaged friends contributes to that.
  4. Quality of Relationships Beats Quantity 100%. Numbers can never make up for what you lose in the quality of relationship. You could spend hours trying to connect with 30 or 40 people every day, or you could develop strong relationships and rapport with 5 to 10 people per day. You need to have people who are not indifferent to what you have to say.
  5. You’re Providing Value for Nothing. Every day, you spend time writing posts that are filled with value. If you have more people on your friends list who are not engaged or who don’t even bother what you are writing abut, you are wasting precious hours on nothing. Your time matters! Stop wasting it on people who don’t listen, and start attracting people who DO listen.
  6. You Get Tons of Negative Posts and Spam in the Newsfeed. Let’s face it, we all want start our work day with a positive mindset. Having spammy friends or friends who post negative things on Facebook will only create negative associations.

Sweeping out friends will significantly improve your Facebook marketing results and efficiency. This is why I developed a software to help you do just that in one simple click.

Friend Sweeper.

That’s right my friend, Friend Sweeper can easily identify which of your friends are not engaged with just one simple click.

How does it do that? Friend Sweeper uses an engagement score that will help you determine how influential and effective you are on Facebook. It calculates your score based on the following factors:

  1. The total posts you’ve done
  2. How many likes you’ve received
  3. How many comments you’ve received
  4. How many likes you’ve given
  5. How many comments you’ve made
  6. Total # of friends you have

Friend Sweeper will then analyze all that data and will tell you which of your friends are actually keeping your engagement score down.  Isn’t that great? Everyone on your friends list are engaged with you and your business.

If you are ready to dramatically improve your Facebook marketing results, you need to grab your copy of Friend Sweeper today.

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2 thoughts on “How Your Friends List Affect the Growth of Your Business”

  • Hi Robert…Thank you for writing this post. I didn’t realize how having unengaged friends can hurt my business. Question, if I have a fan page primarily for the business, does the same apply to the people who engage or don’t engage there?

  • My pleasure Theresa. Yes it does also apply to your fanpages as well. In fact, Facebook™ has been punishing fanpages that don’t get engagement from their fans. Feel free to reach me on skype at: ceoofceos23

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