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Is Your Spouse/Partner Not Being Supportive? Here’s why AND how to fix that…

Written on January 7, 2015

Here is a subject that many of us face in the entrepreneurial world.
“My spouse/partner is not supportive of me working from home or doing this ‘online thing'”.

Here is what I have to say about this (3-min read):

It’s not that your spouse is not supportive, it’s simply a fact of them not understanding what you do. Truth is, if they really understood what you do and why you’re doing it, there would be absolutely no reason for them not to be supportive.

SO…With that said, take some time. Sit down with your spouse/partner and simply break it down to them. For example:

“Hey honey, I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes. I’ve really been giving it a lot of thought about how you feel about me working from home and this Internet thing that you’re not to fond about and I wanted to let you know that I understand why. It’s because I’ve lacked in really sharing with you what exactly it is I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

alley and I sitting 5 best

You and I both know that every month we have a number of different bills that equal X amount (more or less). Now, you’re working a full time job and you bring in X amount of money. Your pay actually takes care of the bills with a little left over for you and I to have some fun and we make sure we make that ‘little bit’ worth it.

Here is my point babe…I want us to be able to have more of that fun. More money for us to enjoy. More money for us to maybe travel together and do something different. Truth is, if we continue the way we’re currently doing things, nothing will change. Does that make sense babe?

So with that said, I know you may be seeing me working on the computer and working Countless hours and not much or any money currently coming in but I believe this is our gateway to be able to do all these nice things and fun we’d like to have.

I so appreciate you and the fact that your pay is able to support us with the bills because without that, I would not be able to explore with this ‘online thing’ and the whole working from home. So all I’m asking honey is for you to believe in me. Believe this is a way for us to make our lives better. Believe and have faith that this will work. I’ll make sure it does but I’m going to be honest, without your support…it’s that much harder. Does that make sense?

They’re are so many other people that are doing well online that literally started from nothing like that guy Robert Mercado. He was a delivery boy at a diner who lived in a basement apartment and this is his 3rd year online and now lives in a nice house with his wife, lives a great lifestyle, and about to cross a million dollars from working from home. And (name of another successful person online of your choice).

Babe, they’re are so many more example and I’m not saying I’ll make a million bucks like nothing. I have to a work my butt off and all and I WILL but what if we can add another $1000/month of income or $2000/month to our income? What a a difference that would make babe. Know what I mean?

Anyway babe, I love you and I just wanted to take these few minutes to really share with you a little bit about what this whole online thing is about, why I’m doing it, and most importantly share it with you to understand how much it means to me and us that we will be able to do more together, have a lot less stress, and really support one another.

Thanks babe!


OK, now that was an example of the conversation that you need to do have with your spouse/partner. It’s absolutely crucial. Now you may or may not noticed that I said to explain a little but about WHAT you’re doing although barely went into it with the conversation. Why? Well because you can go on and on about the comp plan, how the commissions pay, and how how to do get people on your team, etc. (And that may come up in the conversation) although it is SO MUCH more important to share WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Make sense?

What’s the end result (so to say)? What are you trying to better for both of you? What are you trying to do to help? How will working online help with that? Let them know that it’s a lot easier to do this with their support. Let them know how much it means to you. Thank them for what they are doing for the family. So on and so forth.

Now listen, did I give you a PERFECT conversation above and it’s going to go absolutely great? Maybe, but probably not. They’re may be some arguments because some partners are very against change even if it’s for the best. There may be some tears. There may be some laughter and smiles (in a good way).

One thing that I DO KNOW is that doing this WILL HELP! Worse case scenario, your partner will know how much you’re committed and like what you’re doing. Your partner will know how much it means to them to have your support. And truthfully it may even add a little though of “Well if I want to remain together with this person, I should start supporting them in some way because if I don’t, it may not end very good”.

Listen my friend, that last one may be scary for some but IT IS THE TRUTH! So many relationships end because of one partner not supporting the other or rather understanding what the other partner is doing. This is huge in the Entrepreneur world although sometimes….(and is say this in a delicate way)….it’s the one you’re with that will help you to excel with your goals and dreams OR slow you down and condemn everything you want to accomplish.

Okay, this post is getting a bit long although I really hope this helped. I really hope that you have this conversation with your spouse. If you felt you have received some value from this post, please hit the share button up top and stay tuned for more. Also leave your comments below as I love reading them, thanks.

Love ya all and let’s all make sure our spouses/partners UNDERSTAND what we do and WHY we’re doing it.

(Mic drop)


Have an incredible rest of the week!

Your friend,

Robert Mercado
Skype: Ceoofceos23


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10 thoughts on “Is Your Spouse/Partner Not Being Supportive? Here’s why AND how to fix that…”

  • Robert, I really enjoyed this post. I currently have a client and several friends struggling with this issue where I rendered the same advice. It will no doubt be reassuring to them to know that this is unfortunately a common problem. Thank you. Mary

    • Awesome Mary! Yes, many have this issue for sure and that’s very good to hear that you shared the same advice. Thank you for your comment here and glad you liked this post. I appreciate you 🙂

  • Okay. I get the entire marketing commitment . Im all for it. But what do you do when “the marketer” has extracted 250 k from you and has not earned one penny and has been at it for years. How do you continue to be drained financially and still show support? Answer me that one.

    • I hear ya Angela, although every situation is unique. That is certainly a tough one. Let me ask you, what has you still showing support for “the marketer”? Thanks for sharing!

        • All I can say is I wish the very best to every one that are trying to make money on line, whether it be Wife or Husband, they or we all need support as it isn’t an easy task. We work, try, read and do our best and most of the time fail. We always try again and again, wishing and praying something good will eventually happen for the better. We all deserve a good life. May God Bless All who struggle. I know I’m still struggling. Maudine Brubaker .

  • Then there’s the spouse that simply will not see your vision no matter what you say and begrudges any time you spend away from her/him as is the case with my wife. She is hurt when I want to work the business instead of spending time with her. Trying to tell her it’s an investment doesn’t work..she doesn’t see it. Sad thing is, if I were to take a college course and had to spend every evening and weekends doing homework she’d support that. I have to do something that will generate enough income, quickly enough, to gain her trust in what I’m doing.

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