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It’s A GIRL!!!

Written on July 18, 2015

Hey my friends…Robert here,

Alley and I have been so excited (and patiently waiting) to find out the sex of the baby that we have on the way 🙂

Well, Alley and I found out yesterday…


It’s a GIRL!!!

Below is a screenshot of her 4D picture.

Samantha Angel Mercado

We were both putting out energy to the universe that we’d love to have a girl, and that’s exactly what we’ve been blessed with.

It really is incredible that we’re able to create an income from home that allows us the freedom of not having to work a job with the traditional 9 to 5. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to have come across this online world. Because of that, we’re not going to have to miss a moment with our baby Samantha.

Anyhow, enough about us because I also want this for you. Well not necessarily a baby hehe, but the freedom you deserve.

Here is something I recently came across that I know without question will help you make it happen. In fact, you’re going to get paid $100 cash if it doesn’t.

Your friend,

Robert Mercado
Skype: Ceoofceos23

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