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Not able to post your JVZoo Affiliate links or any other links on Facebook?

Written on April 3, 2015

Watch the video for the solution, then click here.

Keep in mind that some of you may be thinking, why not just use or google url shortener and the reason is because even when those are accepted to post on Facebook™, when your prospects click on it…it will bring them to a warning page before actually accessing the site.

This is not that effective, and will certainly scare off a lot of your prospects without even proceeding to your site.

Hope this helps my friend!

Click here to pickup Pic ReDirect which is what I use to resolve this
issue, thus getting more eyeballs on my offers, and more sales as they are simply able to click and be immediately redirected to the site I wanted them too.

Besides that, Pic ReDirects main function is to allow any image you post to be clickable to any site of your choice.

All the best and hope your week is going awesome so far!

To Your Success,

Robert Mercado

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11 thoughts on “Not able to post your JVZoo Affiliate links or any other links on Facebook?”

  • This looks like a great tool, but I’d have to have FB friends who know I’m doing marketing, otherwise they’ll think I’m coming from left field with this. But I am considering that other software you just came out with that does the free marketing. I think that would be best for me to start with. I am curious, though, as to whether you have any courses aimed at novices which incorporate the use of your softwares. Seems like you’re well-established and have your act together. Thanx for this post.

    • Thanks Tim! Keep in mind, you can utilize Pic ReDirect for any business/niche as well anything you want to share with your Facebook™ friends and/or following. You can pickup the newer tool at:

      Also feel free to reach out to me on Facebook at:

      or Skype at: ceoofceos23

      I do have other products that you can check out by clicking on ‘Products’ on the top of this page.

  • Hi Robert, thanks for this video! I already have this product so does that mean the feature you are covering is already built into the product which I have had now for several months? thanks man

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