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Need Upfront Money For Your Business? Well if so, and you use Paypal™, this video is for you!

Written on May 1, 2015


Watch Video,Then Click here To Apply for FREE!

Here’s is just one example of someone that read this information and simply applied, and he was approved for $20k right into his Paypal™ account in minutes.

 photo Cesar Ramirez comment_zpstmxoyoxh.png

One suggestion on how to maximize the usage of the funds (if approved) is through Marketing and Advertising. This is extremely true via Facebook™ Ads and it works more in your favor because FB™ only bills you based on your Billing Threshold. For example, if your billing threshold is $500, or $750…FB™ will only bill you once your ad spend hits that amount.

SO…you can be an affiliate for many products and get paid instant commissions. Now, not everyone offers instant payout although you can go here where you will be brought to my products page. Request to be an affiliate, and I’ll have my team approve you to get paid instantly. So with that said, you can advertise, make money, and have time to pay back the original loan balance.

If you have some more ideas or any questions, feel free to comment them below…

To Your Success,

Robert Mercado

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22 thoughts on “Need Upfront Money For Your Business? Well if so, and you use Paypal™, this video is for you!”

  • Wow really useful information! I just love the fact that you don’t try to sell with each video you post, but you actually post some things that help the community and benefit other people! much appreciated 🙂

  • Great information…getting an “It looks like there was an error” message when I go to that page so it is not even letting me apply. I will just have to try later.

    • Thanks Arian. I believe that happens if either you don’t have your Paypal account setup as a business (which is easy to do if not), OR because of where you reside as it may only be available for US and UK if I’m not mistaken.

      • Hey Robert,

        Thanks for sharing, though I got the same message as Arian and live in the US and have a Business account set up. My sales the past two years have not been huge though so there may be a minimal number you need to have sold as it is based on 4-15% of your sales. For example, if you have 10,000 in sales last year you could get $400-$1500 for the loan if I understood it correctly. In your video you showed a balance of about 74K and thus about 10% would be 8K for the loan.

        Dave Gardner

        • Hey Dave, my pleasure. That does sound accurate and very weird that you are getting an error page. Hmm, let me know if you find out anything about that as I will do the same. I read something having to be invited to Paypal Working Capital although I and others never received an invitation although worked fine. That’s certainly odd my friend.

      • Okay, my account is not a business account, It’s a premier account so I would probably need to upgrade it.

      • Hi Robert – yes, it appears being an Aussie doesn’t qualify.. just sent me to the USA site then said I wasn’t eligible.
        Nevertheless, thanks for the info & I will keep a lookout to see if it expands, other than that, I intend relocating to the UK within 12mths, so maybe from there!
        PS I am set up as a business.

  • Thank you for this interesting and very useful information. I too do really appreciate that you actually share and teach great stuff and not always just pushing products to buy like every other marketer sending emails after emails.

    I recently unsubscribed from a lot of email lists but I am thankful I decided to stay on your list.

    Look forward to learning and hopefully doing more business with you.

    BTW, I don’t live in the U.S. and have an international verified PayPal account. When I tried to apply for the service – it gives an error page.

    I do appreciate you sharing this info anyways.

    • It’s my pleasure Suthep. I’m glad you appreciate the information. Bummer you are also seeing that error page although I believe that could be due to where you’re residing. Maybe if you get your account verified, it should be fine. Thank you for being a loyal subscriber, I appreciate you my friend 🙂

  • Robert, I applied and got an error message from the website. I then called Paypal working capital customer service and they said that it is a private invitation only loan application for now. They said it is a new product that is not available to everybody now although according to them it will be later. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Robert my friend. My wife has been at home for 3 months with a broken ankle; no income and the $4K we just got approved for helps a whole LOT to say the least!

    Things like this Robert is why I consider you a friend without knowing you in a person [skype does not count!]

    Continue to do what you do and mainly HOW you do it. Professionalism at its UTOPIA!

  • Yes, I was getting the error message as well and when I spoke to PayPal, unfortunately, the program is by invitation only currently so that’s why the error message is showing.

    At any rate, this is valuable information. Thanks again for this Robert!

  • Hi Robert,

    great info I didn’t know. Thx for that.

    I received thsi error message as well when clicking your link below the video.

    I just read the FAQs at the website but couldn’t find any infos about that it only works in US or UK. Could you tell me where I could find it? I am a German guy.



  • Just a FYI – Just got off the phone with a PayPal rep. She mentioned that at this juncture, there is no “by invitation only” caveat for signing up. However, she did clarify the following: 1. You need to have made more that $20K in the past 12-months for eligibility; 2. You don’t need any money in your account at the time of your application to qualify; 3. This is not available outside the United States; 4. Your account must be a Business/Premier Account and not a personal PayPal account to qualify; and 5. Check your Year-to-Date (YTD) status on your existing account to determine how many sales you have processed in the past 12-months. This should help prior to you filling out the application because as long. I hope this sorts out all the other questions.

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