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This is how you can prevent customer disputes with Paypal!

Written on February 4, 2015

Hey my friend…Robert here,

Are you currently selling items through Paypal? If so, you’re bound to receive disputes no matter how great your service/products are. Whether it’s because the customer didn’t receive access to your product, or the transaction may be a recurring payment that they don’t recall and just need some clarification, or many other reasons. With that being said, if you’re not managing the # of disputes you receive on your Paypalโ„ข account, your account can get shutdown.

SO…here’s how I personally prevent that and limit the amount of disputes that come through (besides the obvious of making sure your customer gets access to what they purchased, etc.).


First log into Paypalโ„ข, then click the top right ‘silhouette icon’ which will open up a drop down menu. Then click ‘Profile and Settings’. Then on the left side, click on ‘My Selling Tools’. Then scroll down to where you see ‘Getting paid and managing my risk’ and click the Update button (right side) for ‘Customer service message’.

This will allow you to place a message to show any customer of yours that attempts to put through a dispute BEFORE they actually proceed and confirm that dispute.

Now here is the exact message that I put that is responsible for my disputes staying under 1% with close to a thousand transactions that come through for me every month.

Message Headline: WAIT! There’s a better way to resolve this…

My Customer Service Message:

You’re here because you’re having some sort of issue with the digital service/content you purchased from me. I always want to make sure all of my customers are 100% satisfied and if not, it’s my duty to resolve that immediately. Simply send me a personal email at or send me a message on skype at ceoofceos23. I will resolve whatever matter you’re having, including if it’s a simple refund. Opening a dispute will only prolong the process when it can be easily resolved by directly messaging me. Simply click the ‘CANCEL’ button below and get in contact with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Robert Mercado

Implement this my friends to manage your disputes and to help keep your account in good standing. As Entrepreneurs, I’m sure you’re familiar with the bumps in the road when it comes to merchant accounts. Hopefully this helps prevent some of them.

P.S. Of course this post does not guarantee anything and is only information I’m sharing with you of what I personally do.

I hope this was helpful and valuable, and please share this video if you feel someone else can get value from this.

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Robert Mercado
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