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Top Three Tips in Overcoming Fears

Written on February 8, 2015

Hey my friends, Robert here…

A few days ago, I posted a video blog that I made about overcoming fears. Below is the transcription of that video.  I hope you find the top tips useful in overcoming your fears.

I Just wanted to do a quick video with today’s topic “Overcoming fear’. I’m gonna talk about 3 secrets to overcoming fear and it’s not actually the easiest thing you can do. Right now I’m actually in my backyard and It’s pretty beautiful.

The first part is you need to acknowledge it. See, if you don’t acknowledge your fear it’s gonna be hard to overcome it. You don’t even face it and it’s important that if you don’t acknowledge it, then what happens is you don’t know what you wanna get over.

(Robert walking along) Alright now I’m just taking a walk with my dogs so if I stop or call one of their names in the meantime I just want to make sure that they don’t go too far, don’t mind me.

But anyway, the first step to overcoming fear is acknowledging it. You need to acknowledge what you’re afraid of. A lot of people don’t wanna face what they’re afraid of and they’re scared to even mention it, they’re scared to even think about it, they’re scared to even just have it in their mind. And the first thing that you need to do – you need to acknowledge it — making sure you’re aware of what you’re afraid of. If it’s doing a video — acknowledging  “Okay I am afraid of doing a video.” Or being onstage – which, is the number one thing that people fear, right? “I have a fear of being onstage.” Whatever it may be, you have to acknowledge it first to move forward because without acknowledging it, you’re not letting yourself know what you’re afraid of. And sometimes, you don’t even know what you fear, it’s just a feeling you have and you’re like, “Well I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna, you know, I’m scared, I don’t know what’s gonna happen.” And all that other stuff.  We’re gonna get into that.

But the next thing you wanna do after acknowledging it, is thinking about what the WORST thing that can happen if it goes wrong. Let’s say you’re doing a video, right and you know, like I’m doing a video right now for you folks. Let’s say I mess up or something, or what’s the worst that can happen? Will I mess up how I speak or I don’t get my thoughts out properly or I make a fool out of myself — whatever it may be, think of the worst thing that could happen to doing whatever you’re afraid of. If it’s being onstage — Oh well I could make myself look foolish, or I could look funny, or I’m gonna mess up. Think of the worst thing that can happen and accept it. You know, what is the worst thing that can happen? If you get down to it, the worst thing that can happen is if you mess up — that’s it! You know, what else is there? What else is there that can go wrong? I mean there’s a probably a million things but the bottom line is: You did it! You overcame your fear and you just have to acknowledge the worst things that can happen, and being able to accept it like, “Okay, that’s the worst thing that can happen — that’s not really a big deal.”

Just think about that. What’s the worst thing that could happen? And when you really process that, when you think about it — there’s not really that bad of things! I mean, you’re still alive, you’re still breathing, you still have your hearing, you still have your sight. You know, unless you’re afraid of doing something that is life threatening, you’re still taking a big chance. But if you’re talking about like working online and our niche here,  making videos – that’s a fear that you have to overcome and by doing that – first, you have to acknowledge it and second, you gotta think what’s the worst thing that could happen. And when you think about it, the worst that could happen is really not that bad at all! Like I said, you do a video – you mess up. Or you’re writing a blogpost, maybe you don’t get the words out properly, or the blogpost – you don’t like it. Whatever it may be, that’s the worst that could happen. It’s nothing close to life threatening or any of that stuff so just DO IT, okay?

And the third part to this is: think about what’s the BEST thing that can happen. You see our fears limit us so much in life — if we knew what our fear is costing us we would overcome them so much faster. Because if you really think about what the best thing that can happen to your life if you overcome these fears, you’ll realize that you missed out on a lot already! And you’ll overcome your fear right now! Why? Because think about it – what’s the best thing that could happen? Well are you living the life that you wanna live? Are you driving the car that you wanna drive? And listen, it’s not only about that but, are you helping other people to overcome their fears? You see, what happens is when you overcome your fear, you’re helping other people to overcome their fears. Because, what helps me to overcome my fears is seeing other people being able to do it! And I’m like, “Sure if they can do it, so can I!”

I remember my wife and I, we went to a park. And I have a little fear for heights. And what helps me to overcome that is trusting the roller coaster. And I know that sounds weird but once you trust the roller coaster and you don’t feel that it’s gonna unlock and the seat belt’s gonna come off and you’re gonna fall out — even though those thoughts come to our mind, once you trust the roller coaster, it’s more fun than fear. So what you wanna do is change the fear into fun. Make it kinda creative. Once you trust yourself…once you trust the roller coaster then you’ll be able to prosper. That’s something that I saw. Another thing was, I see these kids in the roller coasters that I’m like, “Wow! You know these roller coaster’s like a thousand feet high.” You know and stuff like that. And I see these little kids on it and I’m like, “Man! I’m such a wuzzy!” You know, when I see that, I’m like, “If they can do it…so can I!”

But anyway, so I see these little kids on the roller coaster and if they can do it, so can I! So listen, you gotta think about what’s the best thing that can happen? What are your fears costing you right now? If you’re afraid of doing videos – well your fear is costing you being able to show people, show other people the value that you have. It’s costing you, you know, being able to express yourself on video and feel good about it.

Listen, whatever it is — your fear, it doesn’t matter. Follow these three steps and you will be able to overcome them.

First, you have to acknowledge what you’re afraid of. If you’re afraid of going on roller coasters — acknowledge it. You know…I’m afraid of roller coasters, or the height, or whatever it may be.

Second, think of what’s the worst thing that can happen and kinda being able to accept it. Now, okay I know it’s a little tricky with my fear of roller coasters before because…what’s the worst thing that can happen? Well, I can die, and something can go wrong and that’s it. But listen, if you put that aside, and you’re just like, “Let me enjoy my life. Let me enjoy my time while I’m on the roller coaster. Let me trust it. Let me trust these heights. Let me trust being able to do something else or trying something new in my business or writing that blog post or putting out that video I’ve been thinking about, putting about I’ve been having yet.” Whatever it may be, there’s so many examples that you could think of that people fear. But think of what’s the worst thing that can happen and accept it. Kinda being able to accept it will help you to overcome it.

And then the last step you wanna think of: What is the best thing that can happen from it? See, listen, I’ve been able to live here in Florida. Why? Because I overcame fears that I had. I know that kinda sound weird but the fears I overcame was maybe, you know….doing videos or trying this internet thing out. See I’m new to the industry. I’ve only been online for about a year or so. And there were a lot of things where I could’ve been like, “I’m not gonna do this because I’m afraid of this. Or, I’m not gonna allow this to happen because you know, or it can’t happen because I’m afraid to do it or try it.” So think of the best things that can happen.

I mean it’s beautiful here and it’s not only about me. But you know, this only just a yard. I’m gonna bring you guys to my backyard. I’m walking towards my house now. This is just like a big yard that they have in the back like a little reservoir or whatever they call it or a little river…in case it rains, it can hold the water and stuff like that. But it’s pretty cool.

Guys, when you overcome your fears, the possibilities in life is limitless. There is nothing that you can’t do in life. And once you do it, you’re gonna feel so good. You’re gonna feel so good, I’m tellin’ you. Just overcome that fear. Do that video. Put out that blog that you wanted to put out. Whatever it is – go on that roller coaster today and just face your fear. You’re gonna feel good about it.You’re gonna have a little bit of that fear in there, but it’s okay because once you overcome it – it’s just a seed of overcoming fear. And I’m tellin’ you guys, once you do that, you’re life’s gonna change and you’ll be able to grow and experience life. And the things that life can bring you once you overcome fear, you can’t even imagine and they just come to you when you overcome those fears. So everything outside of your comfort zone is exactly what’s gonna bring you to success in your life. So you know, that’s the bottom line.

So that’s exactly what you wanna do guys. Everything that you want is outside of your comfort zone and once you come and you step out of that comfort zone, you’ll be able to experience things like this. Like this is actually our backyard. You’ll see here that…my wife Ally is playing some music so if you can’t hear me too clear…don’t worry. But we got just a beautiful backyard…nice pool back here…trees…you know, and a nice little futon…and it’s pretty cool. And in the night time, at lights out, this whole pool area is really nice. Ally’s doing a little partying now inside…having a little fun enjoying life.

So anyway guys, that’s the beauty of working from home and overcoming your fears because, another thing really quick, maybe leaving that job…I’m not encouraging you to leave the job you have or the second job that you have. But you need to be able to trust something new or try to trust something new. Give it a chance to being able to reap the rewards from it and a lot of times we feel, “Well if I leave this job or if I do this…this can happen, that can happen.” Stop all of that because that’s exactly what stops us from overcoming those fears. You need to try them, you need to be a little bit of a risk taker and it’s okay to be. Because you see, the rewards that come out of overcoming those fears are just beautiful and you can’t even imagine how your life is gonna be unless you try them.

So guys I wanna keep this short. And overcome your fears guys. Love you guys.  Appreciate you. And I’ll see you on the next one. Take care guys.  Have a great day today!”

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